The Elite Amateur Basketball Club is a  501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for girls and boys in Tennessee and surrounding states to develop their basketball skills while also developing character traits and life skills such as the value of teamwork, discipline, hard work, commitment and persistence through involvement in a highly competitive AAU basketball program.

EAB was created in the Fall of 2016 as an organization committed to creating, building, and maintaining a tradition of basketball excellence within the State of Tennessee. EAB’s primary objective is to provide "a positive learning experience for young men and women" through a healthy and wholesome atmosphere, created by a staff committed to building self-esteem and self-confidence in each player.

One of EAB's organizational goals is to give every player in our program the opportunity to achieve their individual goals at the highest level. EAB believes with a combination of education, life skills, and basketball we can give young men and women a formula for success, one that will embrace excellence and strive to be a positive enthusiastic achiever in his or her pursuit of reaching his/her God given purpose in all areas of his life. We expect players in the EAB Family to be students first, then an athlete, as well as a respected member of the community in which they live. We are committed to improve and change every one of our players' lives for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Every player, parent, and coach will emphasize the importance of all players’ spiritual walk, education, as well as sportsmanship, and teamwork.

EAB also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with a common goal of serving others, competing, learning and socializing. Our foundational goal is to help instill in our youth the vital developmental assets of finding purpose and equipping them to be others focused, through the game of basketball.